Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hopped up Jalapenos

I love to use inspiration from my Mexican and Russian heritage as often as possible when cooking. Whether I'm adding jicama to salad or a splash of pepper to a dish, staying rooted to my heritage has never steered me in the wrong direction. This is why I decided that pickling up some jalapenos would be the best addition to summer barbecues and warm nights. 

Keeping in mind that hops magnify the heat of peppers I decided to pickle some mild jalapenos in an extra hoppy pale ale to give them some kick and also bring out the citrusy notes of the hot pepper and the coriander!

Beer Pickled Jalapenos

2tbsp honey
1tbsp salt
2tsp whole coriander
1tsp whole mustard seed
pinch of whole pepper corns
juice from one lime
1/3 cup golden balsamic
1/3 cup white vinegar
1 1/2 cups of beer (I used Knee Deep's Citra Extra Pale Ale)
7 mild jalapenos

-Slice up your jalapenos thinly and set aside in heat proof container
-Add honey, salt, spices, vinegars, lime juice, and 1 cup of the beer to a pot and simmer
-Simmer pickling liquid for about 5 minutes
-Add 1/2 cup of beer and remove from heat for a couple minutes
-Pour liquid over sliced jalapenos and cover container
-You can enjoy them after about 2 hours and they will keep for a couple weeks if properly refrigerated!

Pair your jalapenos with grilled meats, tacos, charcuterie and of course a refreshing beer!
Don't forget to share pictures of your Hopped up Jalapenos with me on Instagram with #fugglybrew!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Beers on the Go!

4th Anniversary Dopplebock abd the Marea Roja by Cismontane just three blocks from my front door :) via Instagram http://ift.tt/1m2xg6P

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Get Happy at the Happiest Place on Earth

If you follow any of my social media you probably know by now I'm obsessed with Disneyland. Four-Year passhole here (or so I understand to be the nickname for Annual Passholders) and my favorite change around the park has been the amazing cocktails and beers!

A couple of years ago my friend Greg at OC Beer Blog punk'd me hard with an April Fools post about Disneyland opening a new brewery-- I was so excited!!! But alas it was only a joke. Either way it peaked my interest in the Disney's beverage agenda and I was super excited by what I discovered.

Disneyland may be a large company but they are fast to identify consumer trends and that includes classic cocktails and craft beer. At Carthay Circle, a relatively new establishment in Disney's California Adventure, you can find everything from Aviations, Pimm's Cups, to a classic Manhattan with an ice sphere instead of rocks. You can also find a nice selection of craft beer at The Cove Bar and of course the Karl Strauss beer cart.

Looks like the Happiest Place on Earth just got a little happier!

61 Minute IPA with Syrah

Enjoying a 91 minute IPA with Syrah from Dogfish Head at Rock & Brews in Redondo Beach.
It was delicious and jammy but not sweet. I was actually really surprised by the way the hops almost reflected the flavor structure of tannins the way wine would (even though I know this is just an illusion since this is the well loved 60 minute IPA that is backing this new core beer.)

The added California Syrah grape must really adds an awesome complexity to this easy to drink beer/wine hybrid.

Berliner Weisse and Sausage at Rosamunde

Enjoying a Golden Road Berliner Weisse with raspberry instead of woodruff while Glenn has his first meeting in Oakland!

Rosamunde in Olde Town Oakland must have one of the best happy hours around with $3 Bear Republic Racer 5's and amazing sausages!