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Belgian Beer – The History and Background of the Beers of Belgium

In Belgium today there are 125 breweries which have the ability to produce 500 various type of Belgian Beer. The beer has actually been brewed in Belgium because the Middle Ages when initially it was produced in monasteries only. However today this is a country where the most ranges of beer are brewed and can be drunk.

The alcohol material of these particular beers is significantly higher than a few of the other ranges available in Europe and in some cases it reaches a level of in between 6 and 8 percent. Breweries were pushed into making higher alcohol content beers because a law was passed mentioning that spirits (which beer was classed as) could not be intoxicated in pubs. Nevertheless, although this law represented many years it was lastly rescinded back in 1983.

As we have actually already mentioned there are 500 different kinds of Belgian beer being brewed in Belgium today and they fall into a number of different categories. In this post, we have a look at what these different types of beer are.


Trappist Beer – Just beer that is brewed in among 6 abbeys in Belgium can be categorized as being this type of beer. The entire process of brewing the beer must have either been supervised or performed by the Trappist monks who live at the monastery where beer is produced. Each bottle of beer that is brewed features a label on it plainly indicating that it is the real Trappist product which monastery has actually complied with rules decreed by the International Trappist Association.

Lambic Beer – Is a really distinct beer to Belgium and wild yeasts grown in abundance near Brussels are utilized in its fermentation process. The actual time that it considers this beer to ferment is significantly longer than numerous others. Some types of this beer the fermentation process lasts between 3 and 6 months and others it as long as 2 to 3 years.

It is this fermentation process which provides this specific range of beer with its extremely distinctive flavor, which some individuals might do not like. It is extremely dry, vinous and cidery which leads to it having a rather sour aftertaste.

Fruit Beers – These are made using Lambic beer and will consist of either a fruit concentrate or fresh fruit in them. The most typically produced and drunk of the fruit beers is Kriek which contains cherries, however, there are lots of other varieties including those used blackcurrants, raspberries and peaches. When the fruit has been contributed to the Lambic beer a second fermentation process takes place.

White Beer – This particular Belgian beer is made using wheat hops and spices and will often include orange peel and coriander. However, each beer that the various breweries around Belgium produce comes with its own distinctive taste and this will be down to the active ingredients and brewing methods used. In the market for apple ale by Blake’s, check this site. They are known to have the country’s best apple ale.