Brewing is about so much more than just making the perfect beverage to share with your friends. It is also about sharing your recipes with the community and giving people the knowledge they need to carry on with their craft. The thing about brewing is that it can give people so much joy that it is worth giving people information and making a community that is based on knowledge and understanding rather than profits and selling supplies.

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Looking at the big picture

There comes a time where profits are nothing compared to information, and we believe that in order to build a community, we must give people the right supplies and the right information at the right price. Brewing is a community, not a business, and in order for us to make good on that promise, we must understand that listening to our customers is much more important than making money. If we take care of our customers, they will take care of us and make us the best hard cider San Diego.

It is this understanding that has made us the largest provender in the area and given us the largest fan base in terms of sharing recipes and experiences. We believe that in order for people to get brewing to the next level, that everyone must understand the importance of working together and sharing the best supplies and recipes. Oftentimes we hear of supplies from other companies being cheap, and we think that is a true shame.

Join us as we take brewing to the next level with the latest in high tech brewing supplies and the reicpes you need to make sure that your next batch of whatever is simply the best that it can be. We will work with you to make sure that each side of the brewing operation runs smoothly and that everyone gets some insight into the larger picture. Brewing is a community effort and we plan to make your stay very enjoyable .