Thursday, September 23, 2010

Decatur in the Muggy Mist

After leaving the beautiful city of Atlanta, we pushed hard through bugs and rain to get to New Orleans. Spent the night in an Alabama truck stop where I slept in the front of a Uhaul truck. Sounds like a sad country song doesn't it? I had the windows rolled down and I managed to stuff enough luggage between the two bucket seats to lay cross wise and actually attempt resting however the humidity made it rather tough, I felt like I was drowning half the night. Despite all that I turned Pandora on to some Norah Jones (I found that appropriate for a sleepy night combined with hum of the bugs and the truckers with their luxurious AC on). I lay there and sank into dreams of HBO vampires, Alton Browns Feasting on Asphalt and Tony Bourdain. Just when things were getting good I was waken by the WOMP WOMP WOMP MEOW of High Rankin's Meow Meow Dub-step at the crack of dawn as my rowdy companions were already to tackle the day ahead. We picked up and  headed towards New Orleans...

...Mississippi was a total blur... 

sorry to any readers from that part of the country but between strange laws in GA and Alabama's regulations on ABV percentages I wanted to make it to the Big Easy to get my drink on before I was any more disappointed.

We made it there around 9am and parked off the french quarter, which happened to be right by the St. Louis Cemeteries 1&2 for those of you who don't know I am absolutely enchanted by quirky, off centered, and elegant dark things so naturally a cemetery photo shoot was in order before getting food.

We walked around window shopping at the little voodoo shops and antique stores trying to see as much as we could before it got too stormy out. I got beignets and chicory coffee at Cafe Du Monde, listened to street performers, looked at art and the boats floating down the wide river. It was very obvious, even to me a California girl easily discomforted by the heat and humidity, why they called it the big easy. I wanted to grab a mint julep and sit on a porch swing and contemplate the blades of grass in the side walk... there was just something about it, something that made me want to stop chasing the voodoo down and lay back with Bitches Brew-both sweet horn and bottle. Eventually, the lackadaisicalll haziness ipermeateddd by the grumbling of out tummies and since my iPhone had died and to my dismay Dixie Brewing Company was still an offside brew (and Abita was out of the way for my stubborn travelers) we stopped at what appeared to be a hole in the wall, little did I know it was some of the best food in the vicinity.

Who dat, or GTFO, is the motto for Coop's Place. If you're not a nice person you will be kicked to the curb and I believe them when they say this! For $12.95 I enjoyed everything that I was hoping the south to contain, a cup of their fabulous Seafood Gumbo, amazing shrimp creole, red beans and rice, the best fried chicken I've ever had and an opulent rabbit and sausage Jambalaya good enough to make you want to slap your momma! I am not much of a rice eater, however this paired with my tasty Abita Turbo Dog was the perfect combination. The table went completely silent while savagely worshiping our platters of southern goodness. The atmosphere at Coop's Place is very casual and apparently you can purchase everything from alligator meat to coon sausage there! It's small and cozy and simply perfect, I can't wait to go there again. I stuffed myself silly and couldn't finish my beer- I know shame on me but I did it on purpose! I asked for a to go cup and finished my Turbo Dog while strolling down Decatur. If you guys plan on going to visit please note that due to gambling rules the restaurant is 21 and over and I don't know how strict they are about this, but just thought I'd let you know.

After an amazing lunch, we strolled about some more and drove to St.Roch's to take more cemetery photos. St. Roch's is unique because of there unique shrine that has molds of people's body parts and prosthesis. It was very neat.

After an all too short stay in New Orleans we packed up and headed for Texas and drove for two god forsaken days through that state. I didn't find civilization until New Mexico which was where we stopped at another brewery that I will cover in my next blog. I feel that this is a good place for me to mention my PSA. When the zombie apocalypse strikes- STAY THE HELL OUT OF TEXAS!!!! I can't tell you how many cemeteries we passed on these little two lane country roads but there was one about every 5-10 miles or so. Yeah... not a good place to be when the T-virus takes hold. On that note I bid you all adieu and I know this wasn't much beer focused however I really wanted to share with you my experience in the south. I hope you all enjoyed it!


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chasing down a voodoo there.... born on the bayou!

If you're ever coming through Texas again and you want some pointers on possible destinations, let me know.

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