Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All-Grain Beer Update!

So last weekend I racked my beer to secondary and I added a tincture that I had set off to the side that consisted of the following:

0.5oz Orange Peel (without the white)
1oz    Hazelnuts chopped
1       Vanilla Bean
2oz   Jack Daniel's Single Barrel to decontaminate and leach essences!

So far so good I think, I am bottling this weekend and honestly can't wait to see how it has come along.

Im doing my best to keep it cooler than the first two weeks, so it's been at or around 65-70 degrees for the past week or so thanks to the amazingly cool weather we've been having. I hope it keeps up!

Last week I discovered the Beer Review Dude and he made a video of how to keg your own home brew in a Coor's home draft system (Finally Coor's has done something useful!) I've attached that video below. However, I am hoping to explore it's usefulness as a carboy for a potential lagering project soon to come. Enjoy the vid and do make sure to visit The Beer Review Dude at his amazing blog: http://beerreviewdude.com


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