Sunday, November 7, 2010

#bbc10 Morning of the First Day

I took off this morning to go to the Beer Bloggers Conference at about 5am this morning. My flight was ok but I couldn't help thinking the entire time, “What was I doing? Why am I going to this? How am I going to honor the wonderful people that have believed in me at this potentially awesome trip?”

Peering out my little airplane window down at the rockies, I sat there self reflecting and decided that I was going to be a sponge this weekend. I was just going to keep an open mind...

I landed in Denver and to my dismay my checked baggage had been taped up with the word “Inspected” all over it. Thankfully nothing had been abused or worse consumed. I met up with Jeff from HeBrew Brewing Club at the airport and we drove through probably the most beautiful plains that I have ever seen straight to a wall of mountains and snow.

Boulder is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been, I honestly don't want to leave!

The first day of the conference covered many important technical things including ways of stylizing your blog brought to us by Draft Magazine, and Native Search information to make your blog more discoverable, and beer pairings!

Coverage of the the Beer Bloggers Conference brought to you by

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