Monday, November 8, 2010

Oskar Blues Brewery and Beer Swapping

The wonderful people at Oskar Blue Brewery opened the doors of their brew pub, The Tasty Weasel, to the herd of weasels (or cats) that is the BBC blogger crowd. Hungry bloggers poured in to find Dale's Pale Ale and Old Chub taps at the back to pour at your leisure and a meal fit for several members of the royal family (The Boudin Balls were the best, and no, for those of you out there that were asking me if I was going to get rocky mountain oysters, I did not). Pulled pork, chicken wings, home-make bleu cheese dressing, gumbo....needless to say I thoroughly hurt myself.

After dinner and a fun game of Foosball with The Beer Wench, we were given a tour of the brewery to see all the wonderful gadgets that they were playing with, including a new kegging machine that they had just purchased from Sierra Nevada! They explained the importance of canning and how they truly avoid oxidization with “co2 knives” to cut the head off the beer and place the caps on and seal them oxygen free. We also got a glimpse of things to come packed away in oak barrels but they insisted that I was hallucinating, they weren't the barrels I was looking for apparently...

We left Oskar Blues with heavy hearts however this quickly changed to euphoria because we had a bottle share to get to back at the conference site. There was so much beer that I had never tasted before, so naturally I had no other choice but to tackle the task of making sure at least a drop hit my pallet. I feel that this part of the night is best explained visually so I have made a montage of the evening as I remember it. Enjoy!

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Great picture of the intense foosball action! ;-)


Great write up about that night, and next time when you're in Texas we'll make sure and get you some balls....errr...I mean rocky mountain oysters....aka...Cattle Balls. Sorry one moment I'm throwing up a little I think....

...ok there false alarm it went back down.

That night was fantastic though and was particularly incredible for me as their my favorite, or at least one of my favorite breweries. Not that I'm complaining, but who in the hell thought up the idea of giving us unlimited amounts of Old Chub and Dales?!?! Brilliant, but a danger to us all.

I miss all of yall already!

P.S. Ashley wasn't as good as she said she was on that foosball table huh? Come on Ashley, where you at?!?! huh?!?!

P.P.S I consider myself a weasel. No wait, a cat. No wait...can I be both like some sort of hybrid?


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