Monday, December 6, 2010

Chateau Jiahu by Dogfish Head

I went through some of our special speakeasy beers, as I call them, the other day at work. I was surprised to find Chateau Jiahu, which I was looking for during one of my anthropology classes (I would never dream of bribing a teacher! How dare you suggest!) I'm sitting here now and I just cracked it open and poured some for the husband and myself. It is 10% ABV and has a rating of 10IBU's. Upon pouring you'll notice little to no head and a very light aroma. The aroma was very sake like with a hint of honey. The flavor was like a rice gelatin that you get during the new year in china town seasoned with honey. I get a light honey flavor at the back and a definite floral taste in the middle tones, I thought it tasted saffron like but my husband says it's really the chrysanthemum. I have never had hawthorn fruit so I don't quite know what to look for but I get a definite back throat, late harvest sweetness that I assume comes from grapes.

Sam and Dr.McGovern have indeed done it again! This is a beautifully crafted, almost wine-like beverage. I definitely can taste the flavors from the Sake yeast they used which creates a definite roundness in the overall feel and flavor. Brava!


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