Monday, December 6, 2010

Live with Beer not in Fear!

After browsing my weekly paper to see what was featured I found an awesome article by Jay Brooks regarding town mayor, John Lewis, of Gilbert, AZ. The article discusses the ridiculousness of neo-prohibitionists such as this mayor, that even being in the vicinity of an area with the potential of having alcohol served will undo years, in Lewis' case according to the age of his children, decades of parenting! Between this article and last night's recording of The Hoparazzi it suddenly hit me how real a problem neo-prohibitionist ideals truly are. There are indeed people out there that still believe alcohol is the devil's drink and the string to unravel the morals of our country (yes here in the US).

I decided to poke around and I went to a couple web pages including and a rather graphic “teach them with terror” site, and what I found was a sad state of what ignorance can truly do to people. We mock these people and laugh at their ignorance but we don't always address the true harmfulness of their message. The message I received was “be afraid america” - be afraid of life, be afraid of death, be afraid of the unknown and here's why you will go to hell if you disobey me! I was reading an article by Amber DeGrace early today regarding Black Friday and how her family was driving home from Thanksgiving dinner and while passing a large store on the road saw people standing in line, some had tents no less! Why? To get to the sale! Why? Because if you don't buy that gift for your family they won't love you! Be afraid America! Spend your money or you will lose it and all you love!

These fear tactic attitudes are the same tactics used all over the world to control large populations. Jim Jones in Jonestown for example, used Hitler (to describe the beer industry actually) but they used the end result of the Holocaust as an example- What about the beginning? Hitler stirred fear in the hearts of thousands, of course “for their own good.” I have friends who don't agree with drinking, most of them either don't like the way they feel when they drink it, or they have seen it's abuse and how it can effect people, but this is a person conscious choice on their part. I applaud anyone who can stand up for their beliefs, but don't try to terrorize me into agreeing with you. In the case of Mayor Lewis, you can't sheild your 20+ year old children, Im sure if he was sheltered beyond repair he would not be involved in politics.

When Adam and Eve were told not to eat the apple of truth that it was taboo, what did they do? Yes, American culture has taboos, as does every population but the way to deal with that is not to be afraid of them or scare people into obeying the law of the land. Moderation in every aspect of life is what is key. What will Lewis do when his doctor tells him to drink a glass of wine for his health, is he going to run away to a closet so his “children” won't be near the abominable truth of what he is doing?

My point is these sites are more damaging than a raging six-foot tall broad wielding a hatchet singing hymns! There is no other purpose to these sites but to scare people and I think that's totally wrong. I agree that lessons should be taught, and taught correctly, by the family in your own home.


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