Monday, February 28, 2011

The Goat Ate My Homework But I Passed The Cicerone's CBS Exam

It's been on my mind a lot lately, that I need to finish my schooling. Since I was four I have been doing nothing but music. Music was my life 24/7 all the way through my first year of college. Things started to melt between illness and the personalities of professors, staying on top of such a physical art as voice became much maintenance and heart break. So I took a break I am twenty-three now and still don't have my bachelor's degree which is starting to make things rather problematic not career wise but just with myself. You need to have that silly piece of paper or else no one will take you seriously. As much as I would like to tell everyone what a genius I am it just ain't happenin' with no d'gree-- in our society what matters is not what I say, it's what I do. So here it is: I am going to finish my degree with a minor in music and a major in Journalism. There, I said it to you so therefore I must do it or my whole credibility goes down the tube. More importantly though, what does this mean for my blog and my crazy dreams in the beer world? Someone asked me the other day at a beer class that I taught, where and how I learned so much about beer. My only answer was, “I drink a lot of beer” but let's be honest, we all eat but that alone doesn't make us all gourmets, does it? So in the spirit of standardized testing and getting little paper's that deem us “smart” I decided to check out the cicerone's exam and what it took to be considered “smart” in the beer world. There are three levels to being cicerone certified: Beer Server, Certified Cicerone and Master Cicerone.
Today I took and passed the first level as a Cicerone Certified Beer Server and am planning to schedule my exam for the Certified Cicerone promptly. I'm very excited and at least now I have something more than a self proclaimed title of Beer Guru--I have a little piece of paper to start and am working on more to come with the letters B.A. very, very soon.


Congratulations. Now for that BA, get that and I'll schedule the MOAP*!

"Mother Of All Parties

Very inspiring and a great/cool accomplishment. (I am looking into Cicerone as well). Don't worry about the degree, it will come. I speak as a 41 year old who STILL hasn't finished my B.F.A. All that to say, the piece of paper hasn't stopped me from devouring information and forging ahead in this world with my own businesses. You've got a great start, keep going!!! Cheers!!

Congrats! I just took mine (and passed) last week. Do you currently work as a server/bartender? It's great to see someone with a similar story as mine.

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