Thursday, March 3, 2011

DIY Juice to Booze Kit

It's the cutest little airlock ever!!
This morning my dear friend and part time photographer @Indoctrinated had posted on my wall the coolest little gadget: The Juice to Alcohol Kit. If you want to get something that will give you the very basic experience of fermentation here you've got it. It's way cheaper than a homebrewing kit and it takes less time too! I know this isn't beer related but it's still kind of cool. The kit comes with a little airlock meant to fit a 64oz bottle of juice and little yeast packets. Pop the yeast into the bottle of juice, stick the airlock on and Voila! Within 48 hours you can have an effervescent beverage of up to 14%.  What a great new toy for all you mad scientists out there!


You can leave juice out with the cap off and eventually it'll ferment if it tastes like poison or not, that's the real question. I can't imagine tossing some champagne yeast into some juice yields very good results.

with a little experience, and $3 worth of parts and a $1 pack of yeast, you can make some good juice wine. I'm not sure this is a good thing for the homebrew community tho. People are gonna make nasty and think all home wine tastes like that!

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