Monday, March 14, 2011

Get on the Chain Gang

Totally bringing me back to 8th grade, Ashley Routson, of Drink With The Wench has tagged me in a chain letter! So I've had a couple days to mull things over and I finally have decided to join the chain gang. The premise is “7 Things You Don't Know About Me” and while I don't have a wingspan of 6'1” (yes, I love you Ashley but that is just freakish!) I do have some fun random facts that may be enjoyable.

7 Random Goat's Udder Factoids
1.I am a classically trained musician. I have been playing piano since I was 4 years old and singing classically since I was 7. I attended the Conservatory in San Francisco at the age of 11 to study voice, pipe organ and music theory. I started my own jazz band when I was 13 too, while I was in High School. Right now I practice piano as a daily ritual and still sing for weddings, however I have put my music on hold due to a staph infection that virtually destroyed my tonsils.
Wedding in Santa Ana, CA

Lamya (Yes ladies, the guy behind me is single)
2.I have a pet opossum. Her name is Lamya after the queen of Libya who turned into a child eating daemon. Lamya is an awesome little pet she's very cat like and a ton of fun at parties.

3.I love to sail. I have a varsity letter in sailing and sailed for the Encinal Yacht Club racing team back in high school. I also did Rowing for a short kicked my butt!
Hanging loose!

4.I am exactly half Russian and half Mexican. My mom was born in Guadalajara and moved here where she was one of the first women to graduate with a degree in Civil Engineering from her school. My dad was born in Munich, Germany to Russian parents, where he moved here and got his degree in Nuclear Engineering. They met on the job!
5.I feel earthquakes all the time. Perhaps this has to do with reckless experimentation from my high school years however I often feel earth quakes whether I'm walking or sitting still. It's not constant, but it's often enough for people to point it out to me. This goes hand in hand with falling dreams, I get those quite often as well.
6.I am OCD about my Pajamas. As soon as I get home the first thing that I must do is get into my PJ's. It doesn't matter what is happening, how badly I have to go to the bathroom, or anything that is happening around me—PJ's are TOP priority.
7.I am good with my hands. I am a huge project nerd. If something needs to be designed and constructed I am the person to go to. I hand made most of the things for my wedding, I paint, I do carpentry, I weld, I solder, I lay tile.......the list goes on and on. I'm a true project hound.
Painting a portrait of Frank Zappa

Ok, So I'm supposed to tag other bloggers in this and I will try to do so without doing any repeats from Ashley's list.
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1. I knew this!
2. I knew this as well!
3. OMFG no way?!! I love to sail as well.
4. Knew this as well.
5. This is weird. Post-traumatic syndrome type thing?
6.I'm that way about my slippers :)
7. I know this as well! You are also good with your words :) In fact, you are just a crazy brilliant and talented female and I am happy to know you!


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