Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Total Wine is Totally Beer-Central

If you haven't been there yet there's no better time than the present! It's all in the name Total Wine, a store meant to drive sales towards wine, which they have an abundant selection of.
Six-Pack holders make a tasting party a breeze!
However, something that you may not know is their gem of a craft beer selection hidden beneath the flurry of white shirts and yellow tags! It is hard to compete with Hi-Time Cellars in Costa Mesa and small beer shops however Total Wine comes dangerously close with their selection of both imported and domestic craft beers and as for other Big Box stores, they haven't a chance! They carry everything local from The Bruery to Bootleggers, and distant brews such as Baltika and Taj Mahal, which makes it great for doing style tastings and regional tastings as well. Have I mentioned the brilliance of their singles isle? They have a build your own six-pack option where you can make your own six-pack from the singles isle--combine that with the coupon and you have a great deal. Total Wine for such a large company truly tries to stay on top of trends so they have rarities like BrewDog's Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Sink The Bismark and they keep a generally healthy supply of Pliny the Elder and Sculpin. Be sure to ask if you can't find anything, they have a supply of vertical beers in the back which vary from store to store (the latest I've found was a '06 Double Bastard) as well as limited supply beers like The Dissident. Total Wine makes it super easy to put together a tasting party!!! I would advise caution however when purchasing the Total Wine specific Brewery Direct beers, many of their ratings are inconsistent and misleading especially when compared to truly highly rated beers. They have locations in California, Nevada, Arizona, and from Florida all the way up to New Jersey! If you want a very good picture of what is possible to obtain for beer in your area Total Wine is a really good place to start.
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