Thursday, July 7, 2011

Join in and celebrate IPA day!

This morning was the unveiling of the first global celebration of the IPA set for August 4th! Creating awareness about your local brewery and their IPAs. In an effort for IPA lovers around the world to ring cheers through the air I encourage one and all to flock to their local establishments and raise a pint, as the saying goes “think global, act local.” Or as I like to say it, shut up and drink! Stay tuned for updates on twitter as on August 4th I will be doing an IPA give away to one lucky winner! I want to give a very special thanks to my friends @TheBeerWench and @RyanARoss for doing such a marvelous job of organizing this celebration.

Please check out some fine #IPAday supporters below:

Host Breweries
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     @sweetwaterbrew        @epicbeer        @greatdividebrew 

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