Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fred Eckhardt at the BBC 2011

I was overcome with excitement when I found out Fred Eckhardt was a keynote speaker at this years Beer Bloggers Conference yesterday. Mr. Eckhardt is a true founder of a movement and the leader in the battle for flavor. I grew up with his books on my fathers shelf, my favorite being The Essentials of Beer Styles, so as you can imagine I was quite the fan girl. Less of a formal presentation and more of a sit down story time (with beer in hand of course) Fred told us colorful stories of the American craft beer revolution. From adding hops to beer and his thoughts on session versus new high ABV beers Fred spoke of the similarities of his writing roots to us bloggers as well as touching slightly upon print journalism compared to digital journalism. Self proclaimed as “lazy” he is a great inspiration to us all and I feel very lucky to have met such a fantastic living legend.

“The beer in my hand is my favorite beer!”

-Fred Eckhardt

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