Thursday, November 17, 2011

Drinkwel: Saucy Science

My friend Arianna from Grapesmart and I were at an event a few months ago when she introduced me to Drinkwel. The concept alone tickled my funny bone and I of course wanted to know more. The wonderful people over at DrinkWel provided me with a sample of their goods to test out and I have been testing them out for about a month and a half. I am the type of person that wants to run a car into the ground during my test drive --I want to know if a product can handle my awesomely majestic existence. So I decided to start feeding these multivitamins, for people who drink, to my husband and wait to try them at the last moment to see if I could use them as an emergency contra-hangover. Halloween night was the perfect night to test the power of these beauties against my rock star lifestyle. I went at the bar with reckless abandon (I do NOT condone irresponsible consumption. This experiment was heavily regulated and done in the name of science by a professional.) The instructions were: eat 3 pills before I start drinking with a glass of water and then eat 3 pills after my last drink. I did the first group and then started my scientific research. I researched several kinds of San Diego County craft beers. I experimented with some whiskey sours that were amazing. I tested out my shot glasses with some Jรคger, they held up quite well.  I topped the night off with a couple glasses of sangria and then washed my last 3 down with a white Russian and a cookie. I also passed out 3 pills to each of my over night guests. I slept roughly 7 hours and while at first puzzled at the color of my urine I was pleasantly surprised to be very minimally pained by my previous nights consumption. I went out to the living room to survey the damage and everyone else mentioned the same effect-- hangovers were lower than expected if at all. My husband did not take 3 before and 3 after but he felt no hangover what so ever. In my professional opinion, I would say they work both as a long term and an emergency feed good multivitamin, and would most definitely recommend them to anyone who likes to feel good in the morning.
Apparently Absinthe was also involved in the scientific method


I got to get me some of those pills. As high as my alcohol tolerance is, I still wake up with a nasty headache the next day.

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