Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Win a trip to The Belgian Beer Festival

Attention Belgian beer lovers! Draft Magazine, Affligem, and Visit Flanders have teamed up for a Belgian vacation giveaway for two lucky people to go and attend The Belgian Beer Festival and discover what's been brewing for the past 938 years. Also, 200 lucky people will receive a tasting ritual kit with possibly the cutest “yeast chalice” ever. The kit contains a chalice perfect for 90% of your beer, a spot for your bottle, and a small glass for that final 10% of the pour so you can contrast that last bit of yeast with the body of your beer. Genius, is it not?

To enter, ask yourself this important question: What do you do with the last 10% of your Belgian Abbey beer?Then click here to enter.

Contest ends on July 16th 2012


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