Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Buy a "Beer" for Brewpublic

Angelo "Brewpublic" Ieso is a fantastic beer blogger and one of my best friends. If you haven't heard of him I encourage you all to please visit his beer blog at and attend one of his events. He is a celebrity in Portlands beer scene as well as an amateur rapper-- we have hopes to start a HipHops blog in the near future.

One day, as my friend Angelo went about his charmed and wonderfully inspired life he had one of the scariest experiences a human can ever go through: he experienced a grand mal seizure. At that very moment his life changed forever.

A week later and $200,000 in debt, Angelo has been through brain surgery and several more seizures. While to the outside world it may appear that many of us are living the dream life, being a beer writer is not as lucrative as it is enjoyable-- many of us have day jobs that include bar tending, beer sales, event prep, b2b sales, and other service jobs.

What the craft beer industry is rich in is love and a little tip money. Please donate to his brain cancer funding page, think of it as buying Angelo a beer, any little bit will help.
Thank you friends.


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