Sunday, December 1, 2013

Holiday Beer Buying Guide for Beginners

When you're on your way to see family and old friends for the holidays, the last thing you want to stress out about is what to bring. You are already getting the 9th degree of what you've been doing with your life the last year, who you're dating, why you're putting up with that soul-sucking job, when will you pop the question to your girlfriend of 5 years... Chances are you're already pretty stressed out and what better way to lubricate the situation than with a little booze.

Here's a few tips for the beginner on bringing beer to your holiday table.

Don't Be A Scrooge
This is not the time of year to grab a 30-rack, or a 12-pack of aluminum bottles. If you're looking to save a little money check out some of the beers in the bombers ( 22oz bottles) section. During this time of year they have holiday beers that are usually spiced with a heavier alcohol and flavor profile. If you're looking to splurge check out a Magnum (1.5L) or Jeraboam (3L bottles)-- these beers are great for parties or if your host or hostess is a connoisseur these are great for cellaring 'till next year.

Go Local
Skip BevMo and go to the bottle shop down the street. The guys there will be knowledgeable and able to help you pick out a good beer to go with your meal as well as let you know new beers and special releases that are around just for the season.

From The Source
The best beer is usually fresh beer, and during the holidays fresh hop beer is king. If you live near a brewery go in and ask if they have any wet hop or fresh hop beer you can get in a growler (refillable 64oz glasses from the brewery). It goes with well with stinky cheeses and mild meats and is perfect for a course of canapes.

Hostess Gifts 
Proper glassware is always a plus whether you're at a restaurant or enjoying a "brewski" at home. Grab a set of tulip glasses on your way out of the bottle shop or brewery for your hostess to enjoy the beer you brought. The right glass increases your enjoyment by opening up the aromas and like a wine, allowing the flavor profile to open up and relax.

The most important part of buying beer is to have a little fun, if you see Santa's Butt-- buy it! Drinking should be enjoyable


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