Thursday, June 19, 2014

Get Happy at the Happiest Place on Earth

If you follow any of my social media you probably know by now I'm obsessed with Disneyland. Four-Year passhole here (or so I understand to be the nickname for Annual Passholders) and my favorite change around the park has been the amazing cocktails and beers!

A couple of years ago my friend Greg at OC Beer Blog punk'd me hard with an April Fools post about Disneyland opening a new brewery-- I was so excited!!! But alas it was only a joke. Either way it peaked my interest in the Disney's beverage agenda and I was super excited by what I discovered.

Disneyland may be a large company but they are fast to identify consumer trends and that includes classic cocktails and craft beer. At Carthay Circle, a relatively new establishment in Disney's California Adventure, you can find everything from Aviations, Pimm's Cups, to a classic Manhattan with an ice sphere instead of rocks. You can also find a nice selection of craft beer at The Cove Bar and of course the Karl Strauss beer cart.

Looks like the Happiest Place on Earth just got a little happier!


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