Great recipes and techniques on how to brew


We are a company of brewers that has been around for a long time and been part of many different communities and brewing supply companies. We have tried a great deal of products and been part of many different collectives before coming together as one unit, the one that strives to make a better overall brewing community and even further the brewing industry as a whole. Something about what we do is different than others, and we can explain what.

The difference is that when we share a recipe we do it for the community, not to get people to buy our products. Sure our products are top of the line brewing supplies, but where we really shine is our ability to give people information on not only how to brew but what to brew. A lot of our brewing tips come from our customers, who are the best source of information that we can possibly hope for.

What we are in it for

The community, it is all about the community and we firmly believe that if we give people a sense of community, that they will give us what we need, which is more information and ways to better serve our customers. Give us a little bit of time and feedback and we can show you how to brew recipes of all kinds, the kinds that will impress your friends and keep you interested for years to come.

Brewing should be about fun, and we believe that we make it about fun. Come see our products, products that are not designed to make us money, but rather to get you and other customers interested in brewing. Without the passion, brewing is just another way for people to make money. For us it is much more than that, it is a chance to connect with others and share what we love.